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Terms & Conditions

Last amended on 20th February 2019

General Information

eventWorld GmbH (FN 503694b), Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 39, 6020 Innsbruck (hereinafter referred to as „eventWorld“, „We“ or „Us“) runs an online platform under the following link www.eventworld.com (hereinafter referred to as „website“). Further information on eventWorld can be found in our imprint.

Please read our privacy policy so that you are aware of our data processing regulations.

The mWS myWorld Solutions AG with headquarters in Grazbachgasse 87-93, 8010 Graz, Austria is commissioned by eventWorld to process credit card payments during the order process with the end consumer.

Should these terms & conditions contain gender-specific terms, they refer to both men and women alike and to both natural and legal entities.

eventWorld services, contractual partner and object

eventWorld makes an online platform available via its website, which event organisers (hereinafter referred to as "Organisers") can use to market, advertise and sell their products and services (hereinafter referred to as "Service" or rather "Services") to end consumers.

The information about the event organisers and their services which you will find on the eventWorld website are uploaded by the event organiser onto our website (hereinafter referred to as "Information"). Every event organiser is responsible for the information uploaded by him or her.

The contractual relationship which exists in connection with the acquired services or those services being used is between yourself and the respective event organiser.

eventWorld acts in connection with this service provision purely as an intermediary and is neither the direct provider nor salesman for the event organiser's service provision or the (vicarious) agent for the event organiser where this transaction is concerned.

eventWorld transfers your details for the purpose of the booking to the respective event organiser (which they are legally entitled to do according to the privacy policy) and sends you an invoice on request of and on behalf of the respective organiser as well as a confirmation of the service provided (in the form of an event ticket) by email.

eventWorld's liability, for the accuracy and integrity of the published published by the organisers, for the organiser's service provision, as well as the organiser's actions or omissions in connection with this, is excluded.


These Terms & Conditions are valid for website usage, registration and user accounts and for contracts drawn up in connection with the eventWorld website for the organiser's service provision.

Additionally, the Terms & Conditions of the respective organiser, insofar as this was applied in the course of the acquisition of the organiser's service provision. eventWorld has no influence over the organiser's Terms & Conditions and these are only valid in the relationship between yourself and the respective organiser.

Insofar as this is not regulated differently, these Terms & Conditions and the respective organiser's Terms & Conditions, from the moment the contract is signed with the respective organiser, are valid. Should individual conditions included in the Terms & Conditions of the respective organiser revoke these Terms & Conditions, these Terms & Conditions precede users of the eventWorld website.

User account

Registration / Your user account

The acquisition of the organiser's service provision can take place only following successful registration. Exclusively authorised, legally-competent individuals, who are of age, or, rather, legal bodies equipped with a corresponding power of attorney, are entitled to create a user account. You are responsible for the accuracy and integrity of your data or, rather, the data of the legal entity, in whose name you use eventWorld's service and you must inform eventWorld of any changes to your details.

The access data for the user account must be stored safely and must be handled strictly confidentially and may not be conveyed to third parties under any circumstances. Any abuse of the user account must unreservedly be reported to eventWorld.

Deletion of your user account

You can delete your user account by sending an email to our Customer Service office@eventworld.com. By deleting your user account, you can no longer use our services.

Contract completion / Ticket purchase

The representations or rather descriptions of the services on the website are not legally-binding offers, but rather non-binding choices. By clicking on the button "Pay now", you agree to the acquisition of the services provided by the respective organiser, which are present in your cart - this is a binding agreement. When you receive the invoice and the confirmation of the services acquired (in the form of an event ticket) via email, a binding contract has been drawn up between yourself and the respective organiser.

Prices and Payment

All prices include VAT and the relevant service/transaction fees.

eventWorld does not save any credit card data in their system.

As long as the country's currency is Euro, the invoice amount will be displayed exclusively in Euros during the course of the order procedure.

Should the country in question use a different currency from the Euro, the invoice amount will be displayed in Euro as well as, for information purposes, the country's currency based on the relevant day's exchange rate during the course of the order procedure. For settlement purposes, however, the sum will be displayed in Euros. Whether and to what degree foreign currency fees are levied by your bank or credit institute, you would be well advised to inquire at your bank and/or credit institude.

The individual payment options can be viewed during the order process.

Changes to the booking

Please address the organiser responsible for the event, should you wish to change your ticket booking in any way.

Non-fulfillment of services on the part of the organiser

eventWorld is liable for neither the punctuality nor the complete nature of the respective organiser's service provision. eventWorld accepts no liability for aspects of the service which are not in keeping with the contractual terms. eventWorld is also not liable for payment compensation in the event that the organiser does not deliver the services, only partially delivers or delivers them in a sub-standard condition. The organiser as your contractual partner is responsible for the provision of the services in keeping with the contractual terms (insofar as this is applicable) as well as for the (partial) refund of payments.

Cancellation / Right to revoke

eventWorld is entitled to limit the usage of the website and the organisers are entitled to cancel your order if you violate the Terms & Conditions and/or the respective organiser's Terms & Conditions. eventWorld reserves the right to cancel your order should there be well-founded suspicion of website misuse.

You, as the customer, usually have no right to revoke against the respective organiser according to § 18 Para 1 Z 10 of the core and external business legislation (hereinafter referred to as „CEB“), as the services refer to the services provided at a specific event, whereby the contract is valid at a specific time and on a specific date or within a specific time period. Details regarding the right to revocation or rather its execution/completion are published by the respective organiser. Should this information not be sufficient, please make contact with the respective organiser.

Contractual language

The contract is available in the following languages: German, English and any other languages stipulated on the website. In the event of deviations or inconsistencies between the German version and the other language version, the German version serves as valid legislation. The German version can be found on our website under the following Link or can be emailed to you in answer to a request.

Privacy policy

The personal details submitted for the purpose of creating a user account (Name, address, email address, telephone number and date of birth) will be processed by eventWorld for the purpose of electronic contractual delivery and will be forwarded to the respective organiser for the purposes of contractual completion in keeping with the legislation and limitations set out in the privacy policy as well as in the eventWorld's data protection basic regulations.

More details regarding the processing of your personal data can be found in our privacy policy.

Reservation of propietary rights

The respective organiser has sole ownership of the tickets for the service provision up until such time as the invoice is paid in full.

Liability and Warranty

eventWorld assumes no liability for the current status, accuracy, integrity, legality and/or quality of the information provided. This is also valid for the services offered on the website, including the information provided by the organisers, the prices and the information about the organiser.

Technical errors and/or maintenance work, as well as other reasons (such as re-launch of the website) can lead to a brief or extended loss of access to the website. eventWorld cannot guarantee access to the website or that it can be used at all times. eventWorld is not liable for any tangible or intangible damage (such as a profit loss, expenses, loss of data, claims based on unjust enhancement, legal fees or contract brokerage fees), which might occur as a result ofthe information provided or incorrect or incomplete information, unless eventWorld causes the damage intentionally or due to gross negligence. All offers are subject to change and non-binding. eventWorld expressly reserves the right to amend, supplement, delete or suspend publication of this website either in whole or in part, conclusively or for a limited period and without giving notice of the same.

Furthermore, eventWorld assumes no liability for the content generated by the organisers, which is published on the eventWorld website. eventWorld assumes no liability for damages, which are caused as a result of this content. Each organiser, as an author, is liable for the information uploaded to the website. In the event of violation of third party rights, the person responsible for the violation shall exclude eventWorld from any liability. eventWorld reserves the right to delete any illegal or immoral content or any other content deemed to be unsuitable by eventWorld and no claims may be made against eventWorld to this effect.

eventWorld assumes no liability for the conduct of the organiser. The organiser or the legal representatives or agents thereof assume liability for any errors.

Warranty claims originating from the contracts published on this website will be excluded insofar as they do not affect the contracts held with the consumers. The warranty regulations are valid with regard to the consumers The warranty rights are ascribed to you as a buyer in your relationship with the organiser.

Intellectual Property

eventWorld is the owner of the intellectual property on the website, including all content, text, images and applications. Without explicit written consent from eventWorld, it is forbidden to publish, reproduce, distribute, make available online, present, display, recite, market or to use or exploit in any other way the website's content (processed or unprocessed).

The respective organisers are the owners of the intellectual property rights to the information regarding the respective events. In the absence of conflicting approval on the part of the respective organisers, this information is analogous with that of the paragraph above.

Governing law and jurisdiction

The contracts completed in connection with this website are subject to Austrian law (excluding the UN Purchase Law and referral norms of International Private Law). NEVERTHELESS, MORE FAVOURABLE REGULATIONS ARE APPLIED FOR CONSUMERS WHICH ARE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW IN YOUR COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE.

Irrespective of mandatory applicable consumer protection rights, the place of jurisdiction for all conflicts resulting from or in connection with these Terms & Conditions is the relevant court of jurisdiction in Vienna.

Settlement of disputes

The European Commission make a platform available for the settlement of disputes (OS), which you can gain access to via the following link. Consumers have the opportunity to use this platform to settle their disputes. You can also lodge your complaints directly with the respective organiser using the contact details provided below.


Should any clause pertaining to these Terms & Conditions be either fully or partially ineffective or inoperative or become so, the efficacy or feasibility of the of the remaining clauses shall not be affected. Instead of the ineffective clauses, the effective clause is valid as agreed, which corresponds to the sense and purpose of the ineffective clause; the same goes for any loop holes which might be present in these Terms & Conditions.